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MIMOtech was created in 2011 as a technology and product innovation business focused on broadband wireless transport solutions for Carrier Ethernet for front-haul, backhaul and access applications.

MIMOtech has specialized technical resources experienced in the design and development of MIMO and spatial antenna techniques, microwave / millimeterwave systems and subsystems as well as software, FPGAs and ASICs. Intellectual Property developed over the past few years includes a number of international patents, software definable radio techniques, gate array designs, microwave and millimeter systems and antenna designs, modulation techniques and network management software.

Our Mission

MIMOtech provides the underlying Broadband Wireless and Carrier Ethernet technologies, products and solutions distributed through key customer partners to a global market base. MIMOtech is specialist in the fields of MIMO systems, OFDM wireless techniques, open-source wireless software and ultra high capacity microwave and millimeterwave system design.

Major Product Lines

MIMOtech is active in three key wireless areas:

  • Microwave Carrier Ethernet = Janus Microwave AirDuplex™

    MIMOtech developed a range of ultra high capacity carrier ethernet backhaul products that allow maximum use of the radio frequency spectrum to achieve throughputs up to 1 Gbps in a 28 MHz channel allocation or up to 2 Gbps in a 56 MHz channel allocation, these rates being Full Duplex and achieved without data compression. MIMOtech's solution is unique, allowing operators to redeploy microwave links in spectrum allocations below 42 GHz for Gigabit Ethernet throughput. The Janus AirDuplexTM gives high spectral efficiency up to 16 b/s/Hz.

  • Millimeterwave Fronthaul / Backhaul = Janus mmWave AirDuplex™

    Following on from MIMOtech’s first 60 GHz mmWave product, the Janus AirDuplex™ is aimed at Fronthaul and Backhaul applications with fiber-like applications with up to 2.5 Gbps throughputs in the 70 / 80 GHz band. Flexible interfacing allows the product to be used as a fiber extension for either CPRI or Ethernet applications up to several kilometers.

  • High Capacity IP Backhaul = StarLink Microwave

    The StarLink product family provides a throughput capacity of up to 400 Mbps Full Duplex in both unlicensed bands at 17 GHz and 24 GHz as well as licensed microwave bands, in a cost-effective and fully featured package. The StarLink provides a high throughput; low latency alternative to replace backhaul links previously deployed in over-congested 5 GHz ISM bands.

  • High Capacity Access = StarGate / StarLink

Our Shareholders

MIMOtech's shareholding consists of both corporate and private shareholders. Corporate Investors in the form of the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC), Redwave Communication (Turkey), CSG Science and Technology (China) and Optimus Investments hold the corporate interests totaling 62.4%. Private shareholders comprising founder members, private investors, management and employees, hold the balance of the equity.

The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Ltd (IDC) is a self-financing, national Development Finance Institution (DFI). At the IDC they recognize the importance of a dynamic private sector in securing and stimulating rapid and sustainable economic growth, creating employment and reducing poverty.

The IDC's primary objectives are to contribute to the generation of balanced, sustainable economic growth in Africa and to the economic empowerment of the South African population, thereby promoting the economic prosperity of all citizens. The IDC achieves this by promoting entrepreneurship through the building of competitive industries and enterprises based on sound business principles.

The IDC was established in 1940 to promote economic growth and industrial development in South Africa.

Redwave Communication (High Capacity Limited) was established in December 2016 in Istanbul Turkey to strategically align the business opportunity for high capacity backhaul radio systems with government’s drive for increased technology investments in Turkey. Specifically, the Turkish Ministry of Transport Maritime Affairs and Communications promotes, develops and creates incentives to increase high technology investments as part of the Universal Service Projects in Turkey.

The primary business activity of High Capacity Limited is to locally manufacture high capacity radio link equipment and to promote, market and sell these products to network operators in Turkey and neighbouring countries. This equipment will be used for high capacity backhaul transport within these mobile networks to ease congestion and improve the capacity connecting between base stations.

CSG Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Hefei ("CSG Hefei") was incorporated in 2012 as a subsidiary of CSG SMART SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. Group of companies (CSG Group 300222:Shenzen Stock Exchange)

CSG group's main business is in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of power distribution automation systems and related products. Based on its well-established market channels, R&D and manufacturing capabilities, CSG group formed CSG Hefei to expand their product lines in data communications, in both wired (fibre and copper) and wireless spheres.

CSG Hefei focuses on R&D and manufacturing of "last mile" of integrated access devices to provide users with data and voice. CSG Hefei provides cost-effective integrated transport solutions to customers in telecommunications, railways, power, government, banking and securities industries.

Optimus is a successful emerging investment holding company started in March 2009 as a niche information, communication and technology investment and advisory business. The company is assisted by a highly skilled, strong and passionate team dedicated to deliver solutions to the market place.