|    mmWave Fronthaul / Backhaul

The Janus 70/80G provides wireless point-to-point dark-fiber like connectivity operating in the 71 to 86 GHz frequency band (E-band).

Optimized for Fronthaul and fiber extension, Janus 70/80G is designed to meet mobile service providers' requirements for an easily installed, high capacity, low cost of ownership solution.


  • Ultra High Capacity CPRI Fronthaul for Mobile deployments of LTE/LTE-A and other 4G technologies
  • Cost-effective Alternative for Fiber links.
Key Differentiators
  • Patented Air-DuplexTM technology achieves:
    • Superior throughput performance with Air -Division Duplexing (ADD).
    • High Spectral Efficiency with spatial diversity and 64QAM modulation.
Janus 70/80G AirDuplexTM Highlights
  • Data Throughput up to 2.5 Gbps Full Duplex according to channel bandwidth and modulation:

  • Channel BW 250 MHz 500 MHz 750 MHz 1000 MHz
    Modulation Gb/s Gb/s Gb/s Gb/s
    QSPK 0.58 1.16 1.74 2.32
    16QAM 1.16 2.32 2.5 2.5
    64QAM 1.74 2.5 2.5 2.5

  • Channel Allocation:
    • FDD = Go + Return frequency pair with bandwidth equal to the indicated channel BW.
  • Spectral Efficiency greater than 7 bps per Hz (64QAM).
  • Traffic optimized:
    • Bit-pipe transmission for low latency
  • Network Management
    • Easy configuration using GUI or out of band SNMP
  • All Outdoor construction for zero footprint
Data Sheet:

Janus 70/80G AirDuplex